Student Terms & Conditions

Lightworker Reflections Students

Terms & Conditions 2017-2018


Please read these terms and conditions carefully as this is your responsibility to understand prior to course enrollment. If you have any questions or require clarification, please email


Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification

  1. Students receive 24 months access to this course including lessons, audios, digital handouts and videos from initial purchase.
  2. Students receive free e-book Training Manual for each course level (7 in total) to keep.
  3. Students study at their own pace and may finish the course level as quickly as they wish within the set time frames relevant to their course. We recommend students allow a maximum of 12 weeks for each of the 7 level of the training for all assessments to be completed. This allows for 20 weeks of in-built holidays/rest time during the 2 year period. Plan your time please!
  4. 12 practice hours are to be completed for each level prior to certification. These are in-built into activities in each level of the course and may be conducted within student’s own existing lightworking or healing businesses.
  5. 100% of the course must be attempted. If students have issue with any of the course content, it is their responsibility to notify Lightworker Reflections immediately as to their reasons.
  6. 80% of each course level must be completed with competency.
  7. Assessments are by way of quizzes set throughout each level of training and ensuring practical activities are signed off by students.
  8. Upon completion and competent assessment, students are emailed a Certificate of completion for each level.


Schedule of Fees Lightworker Practitioner Training

Course Investment Paid In full:

$4040  (receive 20% discount)

Payment plan

Available on receipt of $150 course deposit.

Monthly – $204.16 (24 payments in total)

Fortnightly – $94.23 (52 payments in total)

Weekly – $47.11 (104 payments in total)

  1. Paypal is accepted for full payment
  2. Ezypay is accepted for payment plans (credit/debit cards + bank account direct debits are accepted) 150 course deposit plus first payment is due on enrollment.
  3. All prices advertised are in Australian Dollars
  4. $30 for each extension application – maximum of 2 granted.


Other Online Courses

  1. All courses are paid in full at time of enrollment.
  2. Students receive access to their enrolled course within time-frame set for each course.
  3. Students finish the course within 12 months for each course.

Technical requirements

  1. Students require access a computer, laptop or mobile device
  2. Students require to the internet connection
  3. Students require a mobile device or computer that views PDF files.
  4. Students require a mobile device or computer that plays mp3 or iTunes audio files.


  1. Students agree to pay for their course level in full within the agreed time frame. Certificates will not be issued to students who have fees owing.
  2. Students accept responsibility for participating in physical activities within their own safe limits and will not hold Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd, their facilitators, contractors, consultants, employees or agents accountable for any injury, damage, loss arising during or after the training.
  3. Students understand that Lightworker Practitioner Training or other courses may involve some psycho-dynamic processes that rely on uncovering unconscious material to promote change and will not hold Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd, their facilitators, contractors, consultants, employees or agents accountable for any injury, damage, loss arising during or after the training.
  4. The Lightworker Practitioner Training and other courses are conducted in the spirit of the 12 Principles of Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Forgiveness, Unity, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Love, Wholeness, Joy and Peace. Ensuring that we are respectful to ourselves, each other and the Lightworker Reflection’s Community is a part of our Principles of Responsibility and Love. Students agree to abide by the 12 Principles of Lightworker Practitioner Training to the best of their ability. Students agree to communicate with respect to fellow students, Facilitators and Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd staff and their associates.
  5. Students understand that abuse will not be tolerated. Any student or graduate who is behaving unethically, inappropriately or defamatory against Lightworker Practitioner Training or Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd their facilitators, contractors, courses, course materials, consultants, employees or agents will be suspended as a student and de-registered as a Certified Lightworker Practitioner without refund.
  6. Students give permission for their details to be registered and recorded with Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd and to be shared with their facilitators, contractors, consultants, employees or agents.


Student Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice as we are always evolving! However, we always aim to be fair, reasonable and remain in unity consciousness with their implementation.