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Inspired Living EventsWould you like a meaningful night out that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered to make positive changes in your life? Would you like to spend a weekend with some incredible, like-minded people, eat organic food, connect with nature and escape technology?

Yes? Then you're in the right place.

We want YOU to join the movement of people who want to be naturally healthy, extraordinarily happy and help protect this beautiful planet by living sustainably.

We source eye-opening films, engaging guest speakers, delicious organic food, healthy products and services and bring them all together for you at our exciting events. Get yourself to our next film night, workshop and/or retreat to connect with some fantastic people, have a great time and be inspired!

Website: http://www.inspiredlivingevents.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inspiredlivingevents/



White Light Universal is a parent company that encompasses White Light for the Soul, White Light Publishing House and White Light for Humanity. All of them have one common goal: To help heal humanity by creating more love, happiness and compassion in the world.

The team at White Light are passionate souls, who offer exceptional services with respect, love and authenticity. They recognise the need for writers and artists to see their publishing dreams realised, and have created an affordable option that also allows their clients to maintain rights to their work, and control over their vision. Their spiritual guidance and healing helps people to live an empowered and authentic life, and they provide the tools people need to trust their own connection with spirit. By inspiring others, the team at White Light know that they will create a ripple effect of love, happiness and compassion. They are committed to uniting humanity through their work.

Services provided include personalised publishing packages, marketing for self-published authors, energy healing, psychic tarot readings, mediumship, and spiritual guidance. White Light also sells a wonderful range of inspirational books and oracle cards, and is about to release the very first edition of their magazine, Solasta. Solasta is a digital magazine which aims to inspire, enliven, and uplift its readers in amazing, new and surprising ways.


Website: http://www.whitelightuniversal.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitelightpublishinghouse/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitelightforthesoul/

Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/whitelightsoul/



Destiny Fae - Pleiadian founded Inspire Destiny which speciliases in Intuitive Transformation Coaching/consulting, healing, growth tools, motivation and Inspiration, workshops & personal development and events including 'New Earth New You Now' Global Summit.

Website: http://www.inspiredestiny.com.au/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/inspire_destiny

Blog: https://inspiredestiny4.wordpress.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEdOR-nOhbIwcTlp_cpgnUA






Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum
Teaching Online Since 2002

"As Spirit Spans The Faiths, So Does the Circle" http://spiritualistsonline.com

One Site Linking a Whole Network of Spiritually Informative, Educational & Interactive Services. Encompassing Every Faith, Path, Walk, Religion, as One.


Parent Company NZ http://globalcircleconnections.com


SOCRadio Online Radio Station aims to Provide a Wide Range of Hosts, Show, Views and Opinions, while endeavoring to maintain our 3 vital Principles of Openness, Honesty and Integrity. Covering all Aspects of Spiritualism, Mediumship, Healing, Personal and Spiritual Development for all Faiths, Religions and Walks of Life as a Way of Life.
As Part of http://spiritualistsonline.com - Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum: SOC Radio brings You the Latest and Honest News Views and Names in the Spiritual Field.

SOC Radio, brought to you by The Spiritualists Online Network. http://spiritualistsonline.com/
Providing Online Radio Shows in all aspects of Spirituality, Development, Knowledge, Education, and Sharing See Our Schedule of ALL Shows at http://spiritualistsonline.com/radsched.php
With Shows from Around the World, Linking with Various Networks in Cooperation and Association.
As Spirit Spans the Faiths, So does the Spiritualistsonline.com Radio (SOCRadio) Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe! Keep up with SOC Radio at https://www.facebook.com/SOCRadio Enjoy and Tune in to SOC Radio http://spiritualistsonline.com/ Join in the SOC Radio Chat Room Onsite! CALL INTO OUR SHOWS AND TALK TO OUR HOSTS! Simply Add circleofmediums to your skype and message to join the Show! (15 mins Prior and During Shows)
or Tune in On Any Device at http://tunein.com/radio/SOCRadio-s273806/ for Mobile Devices download their APP and search SOCRadio
Check out our Calendar of Shows at http://tinyurl.com/zbp4ra8





LIFE 2 provides subsidized Retreats, Workshops and online resources for women who have experienced abuse and violence currently referred to as "domestic violence".

Life 2 has developed The Life 2 Retreats and Workshops to heal, empower, educate and connect women, providing low cost access to our team and resources.

Our One Day Oasis Retreats offer an introduction to healing therapies, techniques to begin shifting negative beliefs, tapping into your values, movement and dance therapy, deep relaxation and more.

Live and online workshops are coming soon.

The Retreats are subsidized through social enterprise, sponsorship and contributions from the public and businesses. Services are also available to the general public at the regular fee cost, a percentage of which goes to funding future retreats.



WelthändedruckWerner Szendi

Changing the World through positive art

Werner Szendi, international visual artist was born in 1966 in Guessing, Austria. He spent his childhood and youth in Harmisch, Burgenland and currently lives and works in Vienna. He discovered his artistic talent at the age of 16. The creation of several sacral paintings for churches familiarized him early on with the techniques of the Old Masters. He uses pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, gold leaf, stones, as well as mental and spiritual energies for his works.
After intensive chromatic studies, he is enthralled with the opportunities to influence people by choosing the correct colors. With his commissioned works, he fulfills individual needs regarding special color and energy, as well as environmental requirements to bring about specific changes. His light and shadow technique imparts a unique atmosphere of harmony and peace to the paintings. Spheres have a special effect for him, with him gladly introducing them instinctively into his paintings as magical elements. The sphere is a symbol of the universe and is cultural at the same time, for example as an orb symbol of power on Earth – our planet.
Through his paintings, Werner wishes to express his deep feelings for freedom, peace, love and healing in the world.

Werner is also a proud Sponsor of World Handshake day - hence the artwork above: "Place your hand in the sea and you are united with the whole world!"

Werner Szendi’s Public Facebook Page:
Youtube Channel:
Represented by KoboArt in Dubai:
World-Handshake-Day - 21st June:



The Temple is a FREE monthly Magazine published electronically by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium for subscribers containing articles, affirmations, tips, tools, guidance and interviews with experts, conscious practitioners, advocates and leaders in their field to support you in your journey of connection, transformation and growth through Love, Soul and Spirit.

The Temple Magazine: http://www.thebarefootmedium.com.au/thetemplemagazine
Leanne, The Barefoot Medium: http://www.thebarefootmedium.com.au/
The Temple of Love, Soul and Spirit Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/templeoflovesoulandspirit/