Our Amazing Team

image2Lightworker Reflections  was founded by Michelle Lightworker &  husband Tony Dowd in 2010 to provide a platform towards raising the consciousness of humanity through a range of resources and providing Spiritual Education including the Lightworker Practitioner Training and  more recently, Everyday Lightworker 101.

After Lightworker Practitioner Training was launched through a previous business incarnation in 2005 as the College of Creative Healing, together they birthed Lightworker Reflections in 2010. The first Spiritual Education and Guidance Centre was earthed in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast of Australia in  October 2013. There is now a thriving global community of Lightworker Practitioners and Everday Lightworkers supporting each other and creating what we call the ‘new normal’.

We live, breath and have built our business on 12 high vibrational principles that we aim to promote, advocate and attract in our personal and business relations. These principles are: Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Forgiveness, Unity, Discipline, Faith Responsibility, Love, Wholeness, Joy and Peace.

In 2015 our principles gained more notoriety and were included in Soul TV episodes. They were and continue to be show cased on A1RPsychic Radio – the worlds number 1 Gold Standard Psychic radio station through Michelle’s “Everyday Lightworker Enlightenment” radio show.

2015 also marked the launch of Lightworker Advocate magazine. An original idea to weave lightworkers together from all over the world to share their wisdom and experience with these powerful principles and spread these high vibrations out to our readers.

In 2016 Michelle Lightworker was selected as a winner and invited to participate as a speaker on the ’12 Powerhouse Everyday Lightworker Principles’ at the Hay House World Summit.

Our aim is to raise the vibration of the planet. We are all connected and as we give, so too we automatically feel this come right back to us. We cannot imagine living our life without all these principles actively being practiced.

We now have many Certified Lightworker graduates incorporating these principles in their business and transforming their existing services or birthing new co-creations with Spirit and each other. It is exciting to see just how much these principles are transforming the everyday lives of our students and clients.

If you feel an excitement and resonance whilst reading this, we welcome your energy into our community. We feel you!

Our Team


Director/Chief Editor – Michelle Lightworker


Marketing Manager/Chief Artist – Tony Dowd


Head of Student Services – Candy Bowden


Head of Mentoring Education – Fiona Brown


Mentor – Karen Banks


Mentor – Hannah Andrews