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Hi and thank you for checking out what I’m about.

At the current time, I am avidly and passionately working globally with the leaders of new higher vibrational consciousness through my magazine the Lightworker Advocate, my live video/radio Enlightened Conversations and various speaking engagements.

Recently I spoke at the Hay House World Summit about the 12 Principles of the Everyday Lightworker which aim to raise our frequency and transform every aspect of our lives.

I currently live happily on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia with the love of my life and husband Tony. However, I hold a global and united view of world consciousness change. So my location is irrelevant. I am a very proud mother of two young adult daughters.

Snapshot of my History:

I began my journey as a Lightworker the minute I entered the world as I believe every part of life plays an important part of spiritually evolving. My Lightworking more consciously began when I was in recovery from an eating disorder back in the early 90’s. Through offering voluntary service as a sponsor in many 12 step fellowships, I learned, I grew and I evolved.

Whilst taking care of my own little ones, I ran a home-based counselling and education business from 2002 specialising in Multi-addiction Recovery. This evolved into the educational facility The College of Creative Healing by 2004. In early 2005 I took some time off and in the space I had created for myself, I heard Spirit guiding me to write and deliver what is now called the Lightworker Practitioner Training. After lots of life experience of applying and delivering the training, writing 8 books and working with children in Steiner Schools and Child Safety, I found home with Lightworker Reflections in 2010. My husband Tony and I opened our first Spiritual Guidance and Education Centre on the Sunshine Coast in Australia in 2013.

In 2014, I was beckoned again by Spirit to pen a book to assist everyone to access their inner Lightworker called, ‘The Everyday Lightworker Bible’. More recently I published my tenth book,  ‘Penning Spirit’s Message’, a book that started off about writing and ended up being about the art of channelling in every waking moment.

I have been a columist with Holistic Bliss Magazine since 2013 and since 2015 with South City Bulletin and Inner Self Newspaper. I have also writen  for Lifereader and Ask The Answer‘s award Winning Soul and Spirit Magazine.

In 2015 I was also called by Spirit to start a magazine based on the 12 principles that were gifted to me and underpin the Lightworker Practitioner Training. This brand new Lightworker Advocate Magazine aims to transcend borders and healing modalities, unite the world and encourage everyone to access these higher vibrations in their daily lives.

In 2015 I also appeared as  as a Spirit Expert on Soul TV in over 40 episodes. I was a regular Platform Reader and held workshops for their Soul Friday Community Events in Brisbane.

I commenced hosting my own Radio Show ‘Everyday Lightworker Englightenment’ through A1RPsychic Radio, a Gold Standard radio network from October 2015-October 2016.

Since January 2016 I made regular appearances as a Psychic Reader for Psychic Today TV UK until July 2016.

With livestreaming broadcasts calling me, I set up ‘Enlightened Conversations’ via my facebook page in August 2016.

I believe we are all here as educators and learners and now I have bigger platforms to reach an even wider audience and learn more about living my higher purpose.

My More Detailed Qualifications include:

* Certified Advanced Angel Intuitive – Doreen Virtue

* Certified Angel Intuitive – Doreen Virtue

* Certified Trauma and Addictive Disorders Therapist – Institute of Trauma and Addictive   Disorders

* Advanced Diploma of Holistic Counselling – Sophia College

* Diploma Holistic Counselling – Sophia College

* Diploma of Professional Counselling – AIPC

* Associate Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education – Parsifal College

* Counselling Kinesiology 1 & 2 – Integrated Health Kinesiology

* Zen Thai Shiatusu – Yandina Healing Centre

* Australian Healing Hands Instructor – Mettes Institute



Member International Psychic Association

Member International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

If you feel that you would like to know more about yourself, or you would like me to bring an enlightened vision of the world to support your cause or event, please contact me. Together we stand united with a vision that all is indeed well.



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