The Love Tank TV Show Is Coming

The show where everyone gets out alive...

feeling loved & inspired to expand their enlightened enterprise.


Thanks so much for your interest in applying to be on our Love Tank Show!



Love Tank Show in conjunction with Lightworker Foundation, investors & donators assists enlightened enterprises to get to the next level.

We provide financial, education, foundational and business expansion support. We aim to raise funds and generate interest in and exposure of your high vibe enterprise.

We want to put the focus back on growing a high vibe society and we are looking for innovative, creative and inspiring ways that enterprises are doing that.

Rather than the 'saving' the planet idea, we are looking for ways we can 'elevate' the planet. Let's be part of the solution! Enlightenment begets enlightenment.


Types of Enlightened Enterprises:

Do you have a specific business project that is underway that you need some financial or other support with that you know will serve the whole of humanity to elevate their energetic vibration and consciousness?


How it works:


There are 3 stages:

1. Application
2. TV Pitch
3. Finalists appear on Love Tank TV Show


Stage 1 - Application

Registering your application helps us to determine where you are along in the process with your enlightened enterprise. There is no wrong answer, you are where you are. As we provide a variety of support, all you need is the belief that your project matters and is here to elevate humanity.

We will ask you a set of questions about what your enterprise is, it's intention/goals, where you are up to with it and what kind of support you need. We will also ask you how it resonates with the high vibrational frequencies as set out in the 12 Everyday Lightworker principles:

1. Honesty
2. Open-mindedness
3. Willingness
4. Forgiveness
5. Unity
6. Discipline
7. Faith
8. Responsibility
9. Love
10. Wholeness
11. Joy
12. Peace


Stage 2. TV Pitch

TV pitches will be held in an Enlightened Conversation segment with one of our hosts. You will have the opportunity to show case what you've already told us in your initial application and anything else that has progressed since then. You get to share your passion and our audience get to connect with who you are, what your about, your vibe and your passion. Video pitches will be pre-recorded by us during the months of May-July 2017.


Stage 3. Finalists appear on the Love Tank Show

A selection of finalists are determined by the people! We are rolling out all of these video pitches at the same time during the month of August 2017. Yes, all at once!

Applicants who receive the most youtube/facebook likes/loves/shares during the month of August 2017 will appear on the premier season of the Love Tank TV Show airing over 8 weeks from October - November 2017.


Investment in your Enlightened Enterprise

On the Love Tank TV show we will have a panelist of Enlightened Entrepreneurs ready to donate to your enterprise.

Lightworker Reflections will also be raising funds and interest by airing your video pitch through Enlightened Conversations TV Show.

The Lightworker Foundation (which is a charity currently in formation) will also be a catchment for donations from entrepreneurs and the wider community. It is also offering selected enterprises ongoing enlightened business education, mentoring & support.

The intention on Love Tank is that everyone gets out alive...feeling loved and inspired to expand their high vibe humanitarian enterprises. There are no 'losers' on the show. There is more than enough love to fill everyone's enlightened enterprise tank! This is unity consciousness in action.


Get Involved


You can support the wonderful projects and Love Tank TV in 3 ways.

  1. Be an active viewer - share and like video pitches to support those you feel have great projects
  2. Become one of our Enlightened Entrepreneur investors/contributors. You may be selected to be one of the Panelists appearing on Love Tank TV.
  3. Donate your financial resources and other services towards Lightworker Foundation fund raising campaigns for Love Tank TV before or during the show.