June - August 2017

Hey wonderful Lightworker Advocate Contributors!


Do you have an article, poem, song, tv show, podcast. video or film that resonates with one or more of our 12 principles?

Our next edition will be published in June and due on 20 April 2017. Earlier submissions are acceptable.

Please choose to write a 400-500 word article on one principle from the following 12:

- Honesty
- Open-mindedness
- Willingness
- Forgiveness
- Unity
- Discipline
- Faith
- Responsibility
- Wholeness
- Love
- Joy
- Peace

All approved articles will provide links back to your website/social media pages. Articles appearing in the magazine will also appear in our blog.

- Keep articles to 400-500 words (unless you are advertising)
- List your contact details/website/social media page
- Provide a pic of yourself is completely optional but encouraged
- All pictures you have permission to use - if not please let me know who we can give credit to for. Try to choose high resolution pics

SUBMISSIONS DUE is 20 April 2017

Please submit article or inquiries to



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Thanks so much for contributing to raising the vibration of this planet!

Loving you and gratitude in advance,
Michelle Lightworker