Guest Appearances: Enlightened Conversations EOI






Thanks so much for your interest in my new  TV Show/Podcast Enlightened Conversations! I believe that we can influence global change one conversation at a time.

My whole vision is ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. I am interested in collaborators and leaders in unity oriented thinking. If you feel you resonate with this, then that’s a great start!

These unscripted and unedited conversations are creating a space to invite Spirit into the mix to enlighten our view. Whether we are talking about what makes our heart sing right now, what’s happening in the world or something we have just been through, it is all great fodder for enlightenment! The aim of the show is to role model an enlightened conversation to inspire and focus on the gifts of any situation. We are also offering a follow up live streamed Q & A session with our guests to deepen our viewers enlightenment even more and provide the interaction with our audience.

Of course, we may hold different opinions, that’s just fine. Agreeing to disagree is also part of enlightenment!

We also offer you an opportunity to talk about anything that is coming up that you want to promote.

Interested in being a guest on the show? If so, what we need from you:

1. An initial conversation to see if there is a natural resonance and connection with each other
2. A short bio that I can read at the commencement of our conversation to introduce you (so I don’t have to rely on my memory)
3. A recent head shot so that we can create an ad
4. A link to your website & preferred social media page
5. Your email, phone number & skype user name
6. A computer with webcam and Internet connection
7. Availability for a 1 hour pre-recording of Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker
8. Availability for a 1 hour live-streamed Q & A with Michelle Lightworker (approx 1 week after the show is aired)
9. Agreement that in participating in Enlightened Conversations means you give Michelle Lightworker and Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd permission to use the video recording and podcast of our Enlightened Conversation. This is at no cost to you but it does not guarantee airing.
10. You’re commitment and intention to honor our time together as sacred by turning up on time and calling in your Higher Self and connection with Spirit for our conversation.

If our Enlightened Conversation gets the nod by Spirit for airing, this is what you will receive: (apart from an awesome time):

1. An jpg ad for our Enlightened Conversation
2. An embedded video and youtube link of our Enlightened Conversation to put on your website/share through social media
4. A voice recording of our Enlightened Conversation to use as a podcast
5. An enlightened view, clarity towards your passion and the energy of co-manifestation in the creation/expression of that

Please forward this information to me using our contact form or by emailing

I look forward to receiving this information and booking a time to connect with you further.

Blessings in unity,
Michelle Lightworker