Career Pathways


Our courses are designed to assist you to fully reach your potential. So what is that? We believe that this is something that you have contracted with Spirit prior to this life and we are here to help you reveal.


We commence with the basics of tapping into unseen gifts you possess. Then we take that into the realm of helping others to tap into theirs. It may be that you just want to keep that in your little family or relationship. That may be enough for you. That may be your purpose. You may here to grow a future lightworker!


For others, you may want to set up your own practice, take clients and help others with readings and healing sessions. Another step on from that is those who want to expand on existing knowledge already acquired, create their own courses or learn to mentor other Lightworkers.


We are excited to be a part of wherever you feel you are at in your journey. We hold a space of great faith for your abilities to evolved rather than holding high expectations.


Our courses compliment other alternative and professional disciplines of learning. A wide variety of students have benefited from our training including:

* University graduates

* Mums & Dads,

* Surf instructors

* Artists

* Nurses

* Parole officers

* Child safety officers

* Counselors

* Yoga teachers

* Naturopaths

* Massage therapists

* office workers

* Disability workers

* Shop assistants.


We are all about changing society from the inside out. Many of our course participants hold jobs in mainstream society and they see their work environments transforming and evolving after both during and after attending the course. They become the transformational presence and voila, their environment starts to change! Wherever you begin, we welcome you. Many students grow and change their goals across the time of our courses. We encourage you to stay open to learning, growing and evolving every step of the way, in whatever direction you feel called to go. Our courses evolve as you do and we practice our principle of open-mindedness in ensuring that we stay open to feedback.