Enlightened Conversations Episode 16 with Michelle Lightworker & Guests: Tony Dowd & Werner Szendi

Tony Dowd… Inspiring artist… Passionate about living in gratitude and capturing the beauty that exists in any place or moment . Tony has a specific connection to water which is evident in his activities of Surfing, swimming, snorkelling and Beach life, therefore no surprise that water is mostly the subject of his art. He wants people feel a level of joy when engaging with his art to help them connect with the everyday beauty in our lives.

Werner Szendi is an International Visual Artist and recent contributor (interviewee) to Henrik Geyer’s book “What is Spirituality”. Werner is also a consistent and supportive contributor to Lightworker Advocate Magazine and captures the energy and intention of higher vibrational frequencies in his artwork.

Christin Ewald also assists us in the conversation as our backup translator! In this case, it wasn’t required as Werner’s English was on point! However Christin, who is also a published contributor to Lightworker Advocate Magazine and Certified Lightworker Practitioner shared her experience and wisdom regarding both Werner & Tony’s art work.

Watch the trailer here https://youtu.be/QHz0YjqY2tI




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