Enlightened Conversations Episode 15 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Rosa Caraffa

Rosa Carrafa’s says that her journey called life is not that different from yours. Names, places and culture are mostly the things that may alter. Rosa’s passion in life is going through every goal she sets and making them a reality. Rosa is an artist and Devotional Faith guide, a published author and a woman who will continue to reach out to as many people as she can with messages that may influence their lives on a more profound and eternal level.

With each goal she fulfills, she’s move on to the next. Rosa believes none of these met goals would have been possible without the love that surrounds her and her faith that keeps her striving with hope to look forward to tomorrow.

Rosa has authored‘Aspects of me’ – an affirmation book aimed at inspiring children, teens and adults alike to live a confident and empowered life.

Rosa’s Upcoming projects:
‘Aspects of heaven’ – a peaceful journey with loss, faith, grief and hope.
‘Where art comes to life’ – Unique art and devotional messages.

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