About Everyday Lightworker 101

12 Powerful Everday Lightworker Principles

As featured at the Hay House World Summit 2016

Everyday Lightworker 101

96 short video lessons with Michelle Lightworker


In under 10 mins a day empowerment & enlightenment is yours in the Everyday Lightworker 101 program.


This course is for the everyday person who wants to grow their soul and assess their energy. Create massive change internally and externally with ease and grace using this easy system. If you are in the healing industry you will gain advanced skills in assessing energy and assisting your clients raise their vibration. Based on ‘The Everyday Lightworker Bible’ by Michelle Lightworker, learn how 12 powerful principles uniquely combine with the 8 main chakra centers of the body. Identify how you can improve your mindset, health and manifest the life you want.


This self paced personal development system will assist you to understand how you tick. Come back to yourself, raise your vibration and manifest the life you want.


View examples of the 12 Free Lessons featured for the Hay House World Summit 2016 here



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